Presents and decorations

We create several decoration articles like candlesticks, lamps, cornices, stands, baskets and either garden decorations, passing to the tone of your event. The present's decoration concentrates our attention and care. We offer decoration for churches, lounges and open air events as well.

Weddings and Chiristenings

For wedding's and christening's decorations we use several kinds of material, flowers and bunch creations. Out of a large number of choices we select the stuff, the plants and the flowers which goes better to the tone of your own event. All this could relate to the church, the house, the lounge, the garden and all the possible places you wish to decorate.

Bunch creations

One of the most impotant element of every festal ceremony is the creation of buquets. The number of choises and capabilites in this area has no end... Towards we use a range of flowers and plants like roses, gerberas, tulips, hyacinths, freesias, strelizias, lilium, hypericum and green stuff (leaves and branches), to create the right buquet for the right moment.



Bunch creations

Our plants and flowers are made out of three main ingredients: Freshness, long living and quality.

Any present from our floristry will stay unforgettable for a long, long time...